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Support & Training

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We have technical support and training services for customers for making sure they always have our full support and technology knowledge backup to operate their business systems. Each of our service professionals has rich experience in the I.T. field and have the knowledge coving the support, eService, field operation and the mainstream technology training. In addition, our management consultants are experts at helping organizations manage the rapid change and complexities inherent to technology service and support operations.

We have two major types support services:

Technology Training Service

We strongly advocate Microsoft Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, MySQL, SQL Server, and WordPress & WooCommerce development training.

Helpdesk Support Service – Telephone / E-mail

We strive to provide reliable and speedy support service to our customers who need on-going support from us. We provide remote desktop technical support when needed in normal business hours. Helpdesk provides local language support, as well as access to local resources and business know how. When a problem is reported to the customer hotline via telephone or email, ATPATH support staff checks the issue and decide the best way to provide immediate support whether it is via telephone, email or remote desktop to solve the problems.

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