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iOS / Android App Development

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ATPATH provides mobile application development services. Our mobile developers use state-of-the-art technologies for the most popular platforms: iOS and Android.


We are IT professional because we are focusing on technology that can drive your businesses revenue growth. Using the best technology and team of experts that can build mobile apps making you outstanding in your business competition.


Challenges We Solve

Our developers keep up with the latest requirements and guidelines, essential for professional iOS / Android app development services, as well as address major challenges, including:

  • Cross-device compatibility

  • Performance and memory limitations

  • Battery consumption

  • Network speed, etc.

We ensure all challenges are solved properly, and deliver only faultless mobile solutions that can smoothly operate on mainstream (iOS / Android) mobile phone devices, regardless of device specifications or version installed.


Mobile Projects:

eCommerce: Design and build mobile applications for customers to access eCommerce online store for buying anything online no matter it is products or tangible services. Our mobile applications including full suite of functionalities: list of products/services, shopping cart, orders, customers reviews, coupons, promotions, push notifications, user registration, multiple languages, smart app version upgrade, and more...

Business Applications. Design and build business apps for document management client, service booking and help-desk service client. The apps come with user-friendly interface to make your business activities smooth and convenient. The apps also have reports and data analysis functions.

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