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ATPATH Smart Booking Server


ATPATH Smart Booking Server is designed for companies have multiple boutique shops, rooms and team roster that required to integrate providing perfect accurate schedule indicating the best time-slots for who is available to provide service for customer for certain time period, certain store, and certain room. In addition, it is an innovative booking system that links up with your boutique shops, opening hours, public holidays in your region and different service types/categories and their associated time periods in order to provide a comprehensive booking schedule for your customers.

The web-based booking system is intended for small-to-medium businesses such as boutique shops sales team to use.  Our booking solution helps shops to save time as well as to provide accurate data by taking bookings each and every day. Every company may have different requirements for customer booking, our smart booking system could be customized to fit your business needs.

ATPATH Smart Booking Server is for every business type.

For example:

  • Appointments / Therapist

  • Beauty Agents Booking (i.e. Facial, Makeup Artist, Massage, Nail, Spa..)

  • Conference Rooms

  • Vacation Property

  • Product Rental

  • Tennis Court

  • Parking Lot

  • Yacht Charter

  • Car Rental

  • Course Training

  • and more..

Feature Highlights:

  • Web-based system for booking available services

  • Manage booking for shops / stores across a metropolitan and nearby areas

  • The booking is not only just for customer booking but also linking up for other resources such as room availability, staff availability, shops opening hours, public holiday, the duration of service type, etc

  • Allow changing of booking status when needed such as Booked, Confirmed, Cancelled, No Show, etc.

  • Support for waiting list booking

  • Provide staff roster console

  • Booking status can be changed when a service person availability is changed due to unexpected events such as sick leave, ad hoc meeting, conference call, etc.

  • Generate various sales reports from all angles

  • Customizable to integrate with 3rd party POS, membership system, and accounting systems

  • Customizable to cope with different business requirements if needed

Booking Calendar

Day View - All Stores


Booking Calendar

Day View - 1 Store, 2 Rooms 

Booking Details Form

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Smart Roster

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