CMyApps is mobile app for WordPress WooCommerce website. It is pronounced as “See-My-Apps”. It converts WooCommerce stores into feature-rich native mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. It is designed and developed for WordPress WooCommerce server and that have good and responsive user experience for customers. It guarantees higher performance, faster checkout, instant notification, real-time sync between app and online store. Click here for more information.


ATPATH Smart Booking Server is designed for companies have multiple stores, rooms and staff rosters that are required to integrate providing perfect accurate schedule for company internal staff to indicating the best time-slots for who is available to provide service for customer at certain time, store and room. Every company may have different requirements for customer booking, our smart booking system framework is the best for customization fitting your business needs. Click here for more information.


ATPATH BPM Server is a high-performance process engine that automates complex business processes and deploy in mission-critical operation environments. With ATPATH BPM Server, business users and process experts can design and automate workflows without programming skill in order to achieve the goal of streamlining business processes with increase transparency, reduce paperwork, integrate systems across business units such as HR, finance, operations, etc. Click here for more information.


ISD Reports is reporting system that provides capability of retrieving smart printer usage information and assigning costs associated with activities. The activities are included print, copy, scan and fax. The reports it generates providing good information for administrators to have in-depth look into the usages of the MFP devices and the costs associated with each activities. For example, the reports are Top 10 Equipment / Users / Departments Usage, Top 10 Users / Department Expense Costs, etc. ISD Reports only support Ricoh MFP device at this stage. Click here for more information.


QR Codes are getting important particularly for handling complicated information and auto routing of documents. ATPATH PDF Writer creates embedded QR Code in exported PDF file. The QR Codes information are including (not limit to) user name, department, document type, project name, total pages, and more... The exported PDF file can be saved in local desktop or shared network location. Third party customization service can be implemented to read the QR Codes, analyse its QR Code info and then route the PDF document to other systems based on that. Click here for more information.