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ISD Reports


ISD Reports is designed for Ricoh MFP printing devices. It collects MFP data and generates different activity reports and dashboards in real-time. ISD Reports makes possible for administrator to manage and look into MFP activities all in one place. The activities are Print, Copy, Scan and Fax. The collected data are analysed, processed and generated intelligent reports for management team to better understand the printer usage activities and its associated costs. 

With ISD Reports, it becomes easy to find out who is printing what and assign a cost to charge back corresponding departments, workgroups, or users. It provides a way to track every user and allows ISD admin to access detailed usage reports and dashboard.

ISD Reports includes the followings:


  • MFP Usage Dashboard

  • MFP Expense Dashboard

  • Operation Activity Report

  • Overall Activity Reports

  • Operations Logs

  • Records Archive

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