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ATPATH have a set of solutions that cover the areas from eCommerce server, mobile applications for eCommerce, business BPM workflows, and enterprise IT services.


ATPATH believes in services and we provide consulting services that is critical in making sure our product solutions can be successfully deployed to customer sites.



ATPATH solutions are designed and developed to meet the demands of major industry sectors and that include luxury goods, manufacturers, consumer goods, food and beverages, banking & finance and more.




Founded in 1998, ATPATH Technologies is a business solutions provider focused on eCommerce Solutions (backend server and mobile iOS and Android applications), Enterprise Cloud Solutions, Printer Management Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) Workflow Solutions, Booking System, and more for different kinds of businesses. As a technology innovator, ATPATH Technologies delivers extremely flexible end-to-end solutions to enterprises and eCommerce businesses. 

Information technology is revolutionizing the world and we are very much a part of it. Customers insights are woven into the very matrix of our software development so that we deliver precisely what our customers are looking for. 

As a whole, ATPATH Technologies does three things:

  • Help our clients to figure out their technology strategy rapidly

  • Build total I.T. solutions at minimum time and costs for clients

  • Partner with our clients to keep them on the edge of technology innovation ensuring their business winning from time to time


ATPATH have the passion, the processes, and the know-how building innovative technology solutions that help companies creating shareholder values and winning their competitors in the market.

In addition, ATPATH professional team provides consulting services for custom-made software development, customer training, technical support, and system integration services. Our consultants work closely with customers as a team to guarantee that they get the maximum return-on-investment as well as ensuring their businesses running on the right path.


Hong Kong Office:

Unit 310B, 3/F, IC Development Centre, No. 6 Science Park West Avenue
Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 28563801

Guangzhou Office:

Unit 402, 4/F, Poly Universe Plaza
No. 626 Tianhe Bei Road
Guangzhou, China
Tel: (86-20)38731441 / 38730848


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