QR code is getting important particularly for handling complicated information and auto routing of documents. QR code is not only super accurate but cost and time effective as well. There are many ways you can use QR code for data capture in documents. For example, QR Code can be effectively applied for document management tasks such as:

  • Bookmarking

  • Splitting

  • Classifying

  • Routing

  • Indexing

  • Naming

ATPATH PDF Writer creates embedded QR code in the exported PDF file. The QR code information can include (but not limit to) user name, department, document type, project name, total pages, and more customizable data as you may require... The exported PDF file can be saved in local desktop, shared network location or direct export to external server via TCP port. Any third-party service can be developed to read the generated QR Code from the PDF and then route the PDF document to other systems performing further processing such as CRM, OA, Helpdesk, ERP, HR, SharePoint, etc. 

1 - QR Code Templates.jpg
2 - QR Code Type.jpg

Sample of exported PDF file with QR code

ATPATH PDF Writer Sample File.jpg