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About CMyApps

CMyApps is a turnkey solution to harness the power of mobile commerce. It brings the solution to your customer mobile devices. It transfers your online store on to mobile devices apps. It converts your online store into feature-rich native mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. As per the current release, it builds on the WordPress WooCommerce platform, it ensures your online store have higher performance, better user experience, push notification, instant messaging between vendor and customers, faster checkout and real-time sync between mobile app and the online store. 

With CMyApps, it provides all necessary easy-to-use tools at your fingertips so that you can design and publish your online store mobile app in hours rather than in days.

CMyApps allows your system administrator / website editor to build a feature rich, e-Commerce ready business mobile application on the free download CMyApps Basic edition. The free edition of CMyApps can be used as a good and helpful demo tool to showcase your products to your customers so they can see your product images, videos, detail product descriptions, pricings, promotions and all associated information as you want to show to your potential customers. 

At first release of CMyApps, it support WordPress WooCommerce platform. It will support more platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, 3dcart, and more... in the future releases.

Design Objectives

  • To provide a mobile app for online store administrator / editor to design and publish the mobile app layouts to the WordPress WooCommerce system that it provides full mobile commerce capabilities for customers to have great user experience buying and selling goods and services through using their wireless handheld devices.

  • The ultimate goal is to enable customers to access online store without requiring to use desktop computer nor requiring to use web browser.

  • To provide excellent user-friendly shopping cart experiences.

  • To provide easy to use drag-and-drop layout design features that accelerate online store administrator to update and enhancement mobile app contents and it’s look and fee on the fly.

Feature Highlights

  • Extend WordPress & WooCommerce online store to have native mobile apps. 

  • CMyApps is not built by PWA (Progressive Web App), but it is built by native mobile app technology.

  • Push notification to direct engage customers.

  • Instant message communicates between vendor and customer in real-time.

  • Provide dashboard to let vendor accurately measure all your key metrics, revenue and profits.

  • Provide in-depth analytical reports to analyze your sales.

  • Provide different layout templates for store administrator / editor to quickly build their mobile app ready for online store. It ensures customers to have the best user experience as well as the modern look-and-feel that you want the apps for your online store.

  • Choose your own logo and color tone as you wish for your mobile app.

  • Integrate the app with your online store to transfer all product and details, management of inventory, product image gallery, product tags and categories.

  • Customize your app layouts if needed.

  • App coupon, reward points, product label, etc.

  • Support product advertisements, announcements, featured product display, promotion, etc  with displaying on the app on scheduled time as required.

  • Customizable layout / font size / color of the mobile app appearance.

  • Support target store localization with multiple languages and currencies.

  • Smooth checkout flow with one-step checkout & multiple shipping / payment options.

  • Support major payment gateways.

The e-Commerce Trends

The demands of customers are ever-changing according to advances in technology especially online consumers. If you want to be successful in the e-Commerce world, you need to think ahead in several years. According to the researches and studies, the following trends will shape the e-Commerce activities in the next few years. 

Voice Shopping

Adds a virtual voice search assistant to your online store.
For example: 
“Do you sell office chairs?” –> it triggers product search for “office chairs”
“I am looking for computer case.” –> this will trigger a product search for a “computer case”
CMyApps can be customized to have this Voice Shopping feature.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Seeing is Believing! Augmented Reality (AR) is to place “virtual” things into “real” situations rather than creating a totally fantastic world from zero. AR fits well with your e-Commerce business since it provides a way-fun experience for shoppers to “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.” One of the examples of applying AR is by IKEA App is here. You can learn from what IKEA does or more. Employing AR technology is a great idea to demonstrate your products. CMyApps can be customized to have this AR feature.

Videos to Sell Products

A video costs a million words. Telling a story instead of showing off your products or business in video is way too effective than just writing words.  The videos must be kept simple, natural, and short period of time like less than a minute or so. CMyApps support playing videos over the provide links such as placing your videos in WordPress image gallery, YouTube, Websites, Facebook, etc.

B2B e-Commerce

For years ago, e-Commerce seemed the playground of B2C businesses, in which most of the website functions and designs were developed with individual customers in mind. The picture changes significantly now. Forbes has predicted B2B eCommerce Market Worth $6.7 Trillion by 2020 – A bright future to invest. More and more B2B vendors join eCommerce game, making the market double profitable, yet triple competitive. If you want to expand your target customers towards B2B, it is your time. CMyApps can be customized to add B2B capability to link both seller and buyer business partners. 


CMyApps Requirements

In order for CMyApps mobile application to work properly, it requires to install the following software in the backend server:

  • WordPress

  • WooCommerce 

  • CoCart Lite

  • CMyApps Plugin

Note: the latest version is recommended.

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