ATPATH BPM consists of five major components

ATPATH Explorer

ATPATH Explorer is the web-based user tool, designed for non-technical end-user to automate their daily business processes. The ATPATH Explorer allows ATPATH client users to kick-start applications, monitor business flow status, maintain archive tasks, and organize daily work and responsibilities such as approvals and assessments.

It is an all-in-one client side tool allowing end-users to participate all business activities across the organization. It is a pure web services system, so no client side program installation required on user PCs except a web browser.

ATPATH Core Engine

ATPATH Core Engine is the core part of ATPATH BPM, it evaluates and carries out business logics as well as handles all computations and processing. ATPATH Core Engine receives ATPATH users' requests and processes, and generates results to ATPATH users in a highly efficient and reliable manner.

ATPATH Application Designer

ATPATH Application Designer is a highly graphical user interface tool and a fully integrated environment where users can define and create ATPATH applications as well as associated business logics right at their fingertips. ATPATH BPM uses the concepts of Data Objects, Processes, Routing Rules, etc. to make it easy and fun to create business workflow applications. In addition to application creation, ATPATH also provides tool to assign a customized suite of applications for each user based on organization structure. A set of common resources such as User Groups, Assessment Forms, and stylish Email Templates are available to make the applications more presentable.

ATPATH Organizer

ATPATH Organizer is a tool for ATPATH system operators to create and maintain organization structure, user roles and hierarchy. ATPATH Organizer can also be used to create user accessibility authorizations to enhance level of information security, and also define dynamic user-to-user, user-to-data, user-to-application, as well as user-to-system relationships for ATPATH BPM to handle highly complex and intelligent business process routing.

ATPATH Administrator Console

ATPATH Administrator Console is the administration tool of ATPATH BPM, providing full administrator control over system and applications. ATPATH administrators can terminate certain tasks, configure system settings, maintain applications, search for system information, backup system files and create application activity reports, etc. In addition, ATPATH administrators can delegate responsibilities to operators to manage the system without compromising security. ATPATH Administrator Console was developed using Microsoft Management Console (MMC) industrial standard, which provides administrators with the common "look-and-feel" operating environment similar to that of the leading systems in the market today.