BPM Workflow Scenarios / Where Does It Apply

ATPATH BPM workflow solutions can practically streamline any business processes in diverse domains. ATPATH BPM workflow solution helps the organizations to reduce the time and cost while improving productivity. ATPATH BPM enables business users and developers to design and deploy BPM workflow solutions using software tools with which they are already familiar. ATPATH BPM is being used by customers in different vertical industries such as Financial Services, Banking, Government, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Telecommunications, etc. If you are looking for an efficient and effective tool to automate your BPM workflows, you will find it in ATPATH BPM product.

Financial Management

  • Purchase Requisition Request
  • Expense Claim Approval
  • Business Travel Request
  • Internal Audit
  • Financial Planning

Account Management

  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Quote to Order Request
  • Order to Shipping Request
  • Product Changes /Drops Request

HR Management

  • Hiring
  • Performance Reviews
  • Benefit Updating
  • Company Leave Request

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales Process
  • Marketing Programs
  • Web Site Publishing
  • Internal Events


  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Helpdesk / Support Service Request

Services Partners

  • Request for Proposal
  • Work Approval
  • Change Request
  • Progress Report
  • Billing

Customer Management

  • Customer Contract Management
  • Credit Line Adjustment Request
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Post Sales Management
  • Exchange for Defected Product


  • ISO Process Compliance
  • ROHS Regulation Compliance
  • WEEE Regulation Compliance
  • Design Change Request
  • Product Improvement Request
  • Product Defect and Report

We have put together a few sample scenarios to depict how ATPATH BPM can help your business. The scenarios provided here are not exclusive. You can use ATPATH Automation Server in almost all business functions.

Financial Services

Customer acquisition and retention in the highly competitive Financial Services sector is often dependent on a company's ability to quickly respond to customers. ATPATH BPM workflows have helped companies in the financial services sector reduce processing times for loan approvals and customer management without compromising quality of documentation and credit rating of portfolios. Loan Processing Scenario


Manufacturing processes are closely intertwined and heavily inter-dependent. ATPATH BPM workflows help to integrate the entire chain of manufacturing activities from demand forecasting, production planning, control, purchasing, sub-contracting and inventory. Purchase Requisition Scenario


Healthcare administration greatly relies on employees for efficient claims processing. Besides process management, ATPATH BPM workflows help companies in healthcare administration manage this critical resource. Healthcare Administration Scenario


Government departments and the public sector need to take great care and precaution to ensure that rules and regulations are followed in all dealings. Large volumes of paper and slow process times are byproducts of these requirements. ATPATH BPM workflows help public sector and government organizations to reduce paper work, and improve process times while maintaining clearly defined audit trails. Expense Claim Scenario

Content Management

The function of content management is to prepare information on your company and its products for release to interested parties such as investors, employees and general public. The timing and accuracy of information has an effect on different areas such as a company's stock prices, sales, and employee relations. ATPATH BPM workflows help you setup effective review and approval processes for content published on your website, newsletters, newspapers, and other communications. ATPATH BPM integrates with content management and document management solutions such as Microsoft Content Management Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server. Press Release Scenario

Inventory Management

ATPATH BPM workflows help you come close to the ideal of every inventory manager inventory that is just-in-time, minimizes storage and ordering costs and at the best prices. With ATPATH BPM, you can define processes for purchasing that are based on items, departments raising the requisition, purchase value, purchase budgets and other factors. Purchase Requisition Scenario

HR and Payroll

ATPATH BPM workflows for HR and Payroll enable you to respond to concerns of employees and new hires. Processes for Leave Management, Reimbursement Claims and Travel Advances that are potential areas for employee grievances can be streamlined smoothly and quickly. Employee Company Leave Scenario New Employee Scenario


Administration is often perceived as a secondary support function. But administration processes form subsets of processes of other departments such as New Hires, Healthcare Administration, and Employee Reimbursements. ATPATH BPM workflows seamlessly integrate Administration with processes of your other departments. Travel Booking Scenario

News and Broadcasting

ATPATH BPM workflows help news and broadcasting firms maintain stringent standards in the quality of their publications. With ATPATH BPM workflows, companies can ensure that only approved information is released to their audience. Press Release Scenario

Vendor Management

Successful vendor management can be a key factor in increasing profitability. ATPATH BPM workflows help you define efficient processes for purchasing, price comparisons, vendor evaluation, managing supply lead times, and vendor payments. Purchase Requisition Scenario